BACEE was founded in 1996 with the goal of promoting business relations of its member banks with financial institutions of Central and Eastern Europe. To support business expansion in the CEE region, which generally represents a higher risk than in the developed economies, BACEE is providing information and analytical services on country and bank risk in Central and Eastern Europe.On the other hand, BACEE provides consulting services to its CEE member banks which want to develop a more active presence in international markets. These services include suggestions regarding business policies, transparency, presentation of the banks’ documentation to foreign counterparts, pre- and post-rating advisory services, attraction of credit lines from foreign banks and international financial institutions and preparation for sale to foreign investors. BACEE holds regular seminars, conferences and training courses to share its experience with the broader banking community. 26 banks from 16 countries are members of BACEE.
Mr. Istvan Lengyel, Secretary General
Address: Budapest Office
Feszty Arpad utca/str. 2., H-1013 Budapest, Hungary
Telephone: +361 212 62 10
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The Institute of Banking Education of the National Bank of Slovakia, n. o. provides qualifications upgrading and skills enhancement for the financial sector employees. As an independent legal entity it has been established by the NBS to meet the demand for education and training generated by financial markets, and, in particular, by the NBS. IBV NBS n. o. offers a diversity of approximately 120 courses focusing on the banking system, bank accounting, bank supervision and regulation, payment systems, financial markets, as well as management and language training. The Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sports of the Slovak Republic has approved several continuing education programmes on financial literacy for primary and secondary schools conducted by the Institute. Its services provided at high professional standard are in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 quality management system. Following the NBS authorization the IBV NBS, n. o. is an administrator of middle-level intermediaries and financial advisors professional qualifications examinations as well as the exclusive administrator of higher-level professional qualifications examinations according to the current Act on Financial Intermediation and Financial Counselling. The Institute has also been authorized to administer actuarial examinations.

Mr. Peter Szovics, Director
Address: Drieňová 1081/31
821 01 Bratislava – Ružinov, Slovakia
Telephone: +421257873532
Fax: +421243639314
E-mail: or